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Manufacturing in India

When considering offshoring, historically, Southeast Asia is the first region that comes to mind. However, India is gradually becoming the next low-cost manufacturing hub for electronics. The world’s biggest democracy has introduced many initiatives to promote the manufacturing sector. OEMs are looking to expand supply chains beyond China and southeast due to political uncertainty and rapidly rising labor costs. There is evidence of traditional EMS firms moving their operations to India. The country is equipped with the youngest labor force (median age of 27) in the world. “There is an oversupply of highly-motivated engineering talent.” says Ashvin Navadia, CEO of Vinrox LLP, ATI’s subsidiary operations in Gujarat, India. Our, ISO 9001-:2015 certified, offshore subsidiary is equipped with the latest technology and the management team bolsters years of experience in within the electronics supply chain.
At Assembly Technologies, the transition to offshore is simple. The prototype and NPI stage require an intimate relationship as well as detailed process engineering. Once those steps are complete, one of our program managers, will ensure a seamless product transfer to our offshore facility.

“We want to help our clients eliminate some of the traditional risk involved in offshoring. There can be communication gaps and inefficiencies in supply chains when dealing with offshore manufacturers. Our goal is to provide the necessary value to eliminate those challenges and make things simple. “ – Soham Savani VP of Business Development.

ATI completes implementation of Juki Intelligent Storage Towers

Juki Intelligent Storage Towers

Juki intelligent storage system will allow us to continue our goal of increasing capacity while reducing footprint. With two machines implemented, we are able to reduce inventory footprint by 70% percent. The machines allow automated retrieval of reels and will reduce material handling costs in the long run. We believe the features of the towers will help improve our material handling quality and speed up cycle times. At ATI, we continue to look for ways to improve our processes to meet customer demands and industry dynamics.

ATI completes Aegis Software Implementation

As part of Assembly Technologies’ commitment to process improvements and efficiency, we have implemented Aegis Factory Logix Software. The software will speed up the NPI process and help us continue our goal towards a paperless environment. Project turnaround times are more crucial than ever. With Aegis NPI module, we can shorten the NPI time, automate certain processes currently being done manually and help get product faster to our customers. In addition, Aegis will allow us to greatly improve our process engineering and quality through various modules not offered by other manufacturing software suppliers.
“We want to continue to make investments that create value for our customers.”
-Rohit Savani, President

New 3D AOI will allow ATI to improve quality and throughput

Assembly Technologies has recently invested in a Nordson ultra 3D AOI System. Board complexity and reduction in part size has led to an increase demand in Automated Optical Inspection. With advances in 3D imaging, catching defects has become easier and the number of false calls has reduced significantly. Nordson 3D AOI will allow ATI to cover the entire spectrum of defects. The primary advantage of 3D inspection over 2D inspection is that it provides true volumetric height information. Coplanarity on lifted leads and other height-sensitive devices can be detected without difficulty. Assembly technologies wants to provide the highest level of QA to its customers.

ATI adds flying probe testing and reverse engineering capabilities

In an age where board complexity is increasing and cost reduction is a priority, many OEM’s are looking for alternatives to In-Circuit testing(ICT). ICT comes with excessive costs for fixture design and manufacturing as well as limitations in test points.
Due to these challenges faced by many customers, ATI has invested in a SEICA flying probe tester. The test requires no fixture costs and has very few restrictions when it comes to access points. The tester is one of the fastest on the market and has reverse engineering capabilities. ATI’s goal is to provide this service to customers with complex mid volume production runs. In addition, the necessity of managing field returns is a constant in today’s industry, and in some sectors, such as transportation, infrastructure, communication and defense, the repair returns are often older boards which do not have complete documentation, schematics or construction data. The double-side solutions offered in the SEICA flying probe are ideally suited to carry out reverse-engineering operations, and include all of the necessary software tools to enable the reconstruction of the electrical schematics and the CAD data of the board under repair. This helps to facilitate fault detection and repair, and to produce the documentation necessary for legacy support of the product.

ATI Begins facility reorganization

In order to increase efficiency, Assembly Technologies has decided to reorganize its 30,000 facility. Moving away from centralized shipping/receiving, materials will now flow in one side of the facility and out of the other. This will allow for seamless transition of materials and WIP inventory. Customers can expect a decrease in production times and increased sense of traceability. In addition, ATI’s goals are to maximize the space available for production and reduce non-value added space. The EMS industry is constantly changing. Companies are moving away from mega production facilities. SMT lines have reduced in size and manufacturing requires much less space than a decade ago. With proper reorganization and improvement; ATI’s facility will be able to handle a diverse range of volumes without the need for further expansion.

Atom Power teams up with Assembly Technologies

Atom Power recently formed a strategic partnership with Assembly Technologies to manufacture a state of the art digital circuit breaker. The increased speed of response of the digital circuit breaker eliminates arc flash making it the world’s safest circuit breaker. Along with increased safety, the digital circuit breaker is programmable to allow amperage and voltage to be variable enabling faster electrical distribution deployments with flexibility and control.
ATI’s experience transitioning from prototype to regular volume production will ensure the successful launch of Atom Powers digital circuit breaker.
With a proven manufacturing partner in place, the Atom Power team can shift focus on final product specifications and market penetration.
“ATI is pleased to partner with Atom Power and support innovation in power distribution taking place in Charlotte,NC. We believe this is an industry changing product. Local and rapid support during prototype, NPI and product launch stage are key values we provide to our customers.” -Rohit Savani, President of Assembly Technologies.

Assembly Technologies announces partnership with India based Electronics Manufacturing Company

With competitive labor rates and top pool of engineers to choose from, India is considered the next electronics manufacturing hub. ATI’s strategic partnership offshore will allow regular high-volume customers to take advantage of cost effective solutions. Allnyx Inc, bolsters an 80,000 sq. ft, ISO 9001:2015 certified facility with equipment from top brands in the industry. Operating at 70% capacity, the facility is able to scale quickly for customers with unpredictable demands. All suppliers go through a screening process and must meet certain quality standards in order to be part of the supply chain. In addition, materials can be sourced from the USA. Because of advances in logistics, product can arrive at ATI’s facility in 3 days with real time tracking and on shore testing and QC will minimize risk of defects. Customers utilizing ATI’s global supply chain will have a representative that will ensure off-shore price competitiveness while maintaining onshore level of quality